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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Licensing Black Flag TV Network to Third Parties

I frequently get emails from entrepreneurs inquiring about how they can get my TV channels into their own project, application, hub, and so on.

Entrepreneurs who want to launch a startup, manufacture streaming devices, create mobile apps to watch TV streams, and they're looking for content to add to their project, give it some exciting content.

Though I'm definitely open to this sort or venture or affiliation, entrepreneurs must understand: I cannot do it for free!

It's a great idea to add content to your project, give your customers access to free content and help boost the sales of your application or devices... But as a broadcaster, I do have expenses that come with every stream I serve, with every viewer connecting to watch Black Flag TV. Streaming content is not free. Bandwidth is not free.

"Yes, but you are streaming for free on the web, and you even offer people to embed your channel on their websites!"

Correct. Anyone can embed Black Flag TV or any of my other channels on their websites. But the web viewers are totally different than those watching TV via a streaming device: on the web, people watch movies for a couple of minutes, and move somewhere else. On a streaming device, it's a totally different story: people watch for much, much longer periods, sometimes they stream for hours.

I'll be happy to cover the fees of streaming content to the web, but I can't afford to pay the bills of serving video to third party streaming devices!

-Sv Bell

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