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Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to submit a film to Black Flag TV

It's very, very straightforward! You know I like simple things. But first...

"What kind of films do you accept?"
Pretty much anything that's connected with horror, science-fiction, exploitation, weird, bizarre, dark.

"What's the required running time?"
There are no guidelines here. I've got films running one minute, and others are nearly 4 hours.
Feature films are segmented in 15 minutes sections, to allow commercials insertion during the broadcast. The commercial breaks are programmed manually, so the film does not get interrupted in awkward places like an automated system would do!

"Do you accept web series?"
I sure do! However, I need a complete season of the series before going live with it. And preferably, all episodes should have around the same running time. Having an episode running 4 minutes, and the next one is 15, it causes problems with booking a time slot.

The way it works with series, my broadcast scheduler picks a random episode in the group of shows available for the series. So the episodes shown every day are not presented in order.

"How about metal music videos?"
At this time there are no music videos on Black Flag TV, but I do have a music video channel in the works. You can still submit it!

"What can make a submission to be declined?"
  • Films with graphic nudity and heavy sexual content may cause a problem. There can be a bit of nudity, as long as it's not be the center of the film.
  • Copyrighted material is also declined. You need to own the rights to the footage and music used in your film!
  • There are other factors that may cause a film to be declined. In many situations, I'm getting films that are truly excellent, but are not intended for a horror audience. Please remember the nature of Black Flag TV!

"What are the terms?"
  • Black Flag TV holds no rights to your submitted films. You can still market, sell, distribute, show your film anywhere, YouTube and so on. By submitting your film to Black Flag TV, you're simply authorizing the channel to show it in its programming, that's it.
  • None of the films airing on Black Flag TV are hosted online, so the files cannot be downloaded.
  • Films are presented unedited, we won't modify it in any way.
  • Films longer than 20 minutes are segmented to allow a commercial break.
  • If for some reason you want your film to be removed from Black Flag TV's programming, please allow about one week before it is taken down.

"How do I submit now?"
Basically all you have to do is to send me a link where I can screen your film. Youtube, Vimeo, wherever your film is located. You can also send me a download link, via WeTransfer or your own FTP server. If your film is not available online, let me know and I give you a mailing address to send a DVD.

Need more infos? Want to submit something?
Contact me here.

sv bell

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