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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TV Guide for Black Flag TV Network

Welcome to Black Flag TV's TV Guide!

Been thinking for quite some time now to have a blog space just for the Black Flag TV programming. A place to display the weekly programming and showtimes, and to announce the new additions.

I was also considering to run a movies review site, but, I mean, do we really need yet another movie reviews website? There are plenty out there, and many are truly excellent. I didn't want to play in someone else's field of expertise, and this blog won't be a movie reviews per se, but I'll gladly post appreciation on stuff airing on Black Flag TV. Occasionally about films I've seen lately but that's all.

There's more than just Black Flag TV

Totally right, Black Flag TV is not just a TV channel, it's a small network of channels!
So I'll be using this space to discuss about Obskura TV, and Cult Movies TV as well.

Bear with me!

sv bell

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